Entirely Student-Run Window Cleaning Company

There is no big corporation at work here, just local students cleaning windows and working towards completing or starting their educations. All areas of the company (including ownership) are student run. All advertising designs, website coding, and management is maintained by current students studying in those fields. This company allows us to earn valuable experience and an income that we can use to support our future educations. View our new team and our recent graduates

Professional Window Cleaning Services at Student Prices

What would you say the difference is between a professional window washing company and a student run window washing company is? Would it be equipment? The experience of the window cleaners? What about quality of window cleaning services provided? All could be factors in determining whether or not a company makes the cut. Student windows aims to exceed your expectations by incorporating all aspects of what we believe is a professional window cleaning service and provide them to you at an affordable price. If you would like to know more about our window cleaning company, such as equipment, experience and training please feel free to visit our about us page.

Quality Student Window Cleaning

There is nothing worse than watching a window cleaning company run around your home like a circus act. Instead of missing dirty windows, we are triple checking them. Instead of rinsing dirty rags we are using new ones. We treat your window tracks, frames and screens equally. Client satisfaction is constantly being evaluated and we welcome as much feedback as possible.

Easy to Book Cleaning Services

It should not be hard to find and book window cleaning or related services, whether you are looking for a fair price or quick booking our online system provides you with an accurate window cleaning quote and direct booking to ensure that there are no mistakes made. If that is not your style there are 4 alternative methods you can choose from each just as easy as the last.

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